Digital Gardens

For mature thought there is no mechanical substitute. But creative thought and essentially repetitive thought are very different things. For the latter there are, and may be, powerful mechanical aids.



  • web as space
  • Every walk through thr garden creates new meanings
  • When adding things to the garden allows for future unpredictable relationships
  • No one “correct” approach, vistors create the meaning, meaning sill evolve over time
  • Not a time bound relationship
  • Relationship is to the garden has a while, but no direct relationships, allowing to grow into something bigger than a singular narratice


  • get in the stream and things flow around you
  • Not always passive, can add to stream
  • Stream if meaning, replces topology with serialization
  • Interpret things in a stream in how they’ve occurred
  • Linked to context to understand meaning
  • Self-assertive
  • Twitter, blogging, “persona”


Building Digital Gardens




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