The Tubes

The Tubes

#theTubes is an ad hoc experiment around throwing together a decentralized peer-to-peer shared vpn fabric amongst a small group of node operators who have some common interest and connection.


Can be considered part of Smol Internet


the next open subnet was, so that’s all yours

once you’ve got your setup going the way you’d like and you’re ready to peer, shoot me a PublicKey (can be the same keys you use on wg0 or you can use a separate set) and I’ll set up a peering endpoint and send back a config file for wg1.conf on your end - then you’ll add your PrivateKey to that config and bring up wg1 and you’ll be in!

Let me know if you run into any issues I can help with :)

Install Go on OpenBSD 6.8

Install 1.16 from snapshot

OpenBSD 6.8 ships with go v1.15.2, wg-portal however requires go v1.16, which is available in SNAPSHOT.

doas pkg_add go-1.16.2.tgz

Build WireGuard Portal


tar -xvzf v1.0.3.tar.gz
cd wg-portal-1.0.3
make dep
make build-cross-plat

Setup Wireguard

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